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The Artistic Touch

We are a Creative Advertising and Marketing Boutique servicing clients both locally and internationally. With a main office based in Los Angeles, our production team spans the globe, with employees located in Ventura County, the Philippines, and Pakistan. We pride ourselves as a team positioned to provide reliable services to our clients, with the extra advantage of having an international perspective of the market, and the varying economies of scale.

Our Services

Our list of services ranges from Print Design and Production; inclusive – but not limited to – Brand Giveaways, Booklets, Brochures, Bus Routes, Calendars, Catalogues, Flyers, Illustrations, Infographics, Large Format Design for Events, Maps, Menus, Multi-Page Reports, Print Ads, Fundraising Kits, Invitations, as well as Promotional Materials, Paraphernalia and Signages, among others.

We also provide Digital Ads, Direct Marketing and Campaign Design, Digital Invitations, Billboard, Transit Ads and Vehicle Wraps as well.

Should you require it, we also offer specialty creative requirements on demand, with experience in animations, app design, call center campaigns, new media, web site design and user interface adaptation, to name a few. We maintain production relationships with various printing and specialist teams, and services are available based on job specific requirements.

Strategy & Our Process

Brand Strategy & Art Direction

Our process is centered on a combination of Advertising principles combined with Marketing, Direct Marketing and IMC practices; with a traditional internal structure of Creatives, Accounts Management and Media and Traffic Oversight. We use the time proven principles of Direct Marketing incorporated into our process to ensure each assignment addresses those key success factors that result in successful implementation. Upon reviewing our process diagram, it is important to note that we see the process as an interlinking circle.  Regardless of when we are brought into the creative process, we apply all of the stages of campaign design so that our clients see the in’s and out’s of each layer of the process. We use the AIMRITE formula that direct marketing houses have been utilizing successfully for over 30 years.


Fostering Success

We combine conceptual storytelling with an eye towards visual theater.

Production & Acct Management

Attention to Detail

We utilize a simple model for account management, with our team collaborating together to work off a job brief that details the required needs of the project, the time factored deadlines associated with the work and an agreement of work reviews and delivery. Our briefs are tailored to address any special requirement for our clients’ unique circumstances, be it volume unpredictability, kill fees, rush orders or other factors. The Artistic Touch is client-centric focused, with each of our members taking extra care to provide impeccable project management from beginning to end, fostering open communication and progress reviews on artwork and creatives between our team and you. Our project management style assumes accounts, media placement and creative execution, with all elements being regularly reviewed by our leadership team, from our executives that specialize in IT Project Management, Admin, and Web based work, eventually transitioning to a review of performance by our account managers, creatives and media specialists.

Design Philisophy

UX/UI Design & Website/App Design

Our philosophy at the Artistic Touch is to make every Touch point matter. From our Stakeholders to our People, our synergy is designed to bring about a Touch of creativity and wonder to every project, to make every moment spent with the customer worth it. We are looking for lifetime customers for our clients as well as for ourselves, earning loyalty, respect and recommendations on every successful project accomplished.

Should you wish to to enter into an Agency of Record relationship with The Artistic Touch, we welcome that opportunity to serve.


A Creative studio with
art & technologies
at the forefront.

Creating great user experiences through practical, insightful, efficient

Experts in the fields of UI/UX design, photography and art direction.

Website & Mobile App Design

At our company, UX/UI designs are the most important part of mobile application development. Our interface designs reflect extensive thought processes and strategies which users resonate with. Our team of designers understands the profile and habits of users, utilizing key elements and addressing demographics in the design. We design with people in mind.

Motion Graphics & Animation

In past years, we have been dedicated to providing timely services to our clients, and our main motive is to come up with unique and catchy ideas for maximum audience engagement. The client always wants their imaginary ideas to become reality, and that is what we do at The Artistic Touch by providing a wide range of services to clients which include 2D animations, 3D animations, Web Design, Motion Graphics, Live-Action, Mobile Application Development, Digital Marketing, and Branding.


User Experience

Creating great user experience designs through practical, insightful, efficient and effective desirable outcomes based on traditional human-computer interaction, extending and addressing all aspects of product and service as utilized by your audience.

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We’re a team of creatives who are excited about creating unique ideas and sharing them with the world, specializing in crafting top-notch UI/UX, and regularly helping companies create amazing brand identities that keep them a step above the competition.